Looking for two roommates


We look for two roommates who want to share a four person apartment.

The stay in the apartment will be from 9 to 15 November, or if preferred from 10 to 15 November. Price will be re-calculated accordingly. Apartment is a ~30 min public transport travel from the venue.

The per person price for the full stay is lower than 400 dollars when we find one extra roommate. If we find two roommates, price for the full stay is lower than 300 dollars. If you’re interested, please e mail me (P.B.deBest@gmail.com) and/or Tristan (tristan.j.philippe@ubc.ca), and we can discuss the details.

We are two PhD students/candidates - one from Canada, one from Israel. Came into contact with each other via this forum :-).

  • List item Peter de Best works at Hadassah Medical Centre in Jerusalem. His ( my :slight_smile: ) project involves neuroimaging, computational neuroscience, and neurodegenerative and neuro-inflammatory disorders.

  • List item Tristan studies/works in Vancouver, Canada. More info can be found on: http://viaulab.med.ubc.ca/people/tristan-philippe/.

We look for two roommates.

FOUND no longer looking...... Roommate for SfN from Nov 9th or 10th to 15th

Hello everyone,

Just as an update we are now looking for a fourth person, so the cost goes down to $250 USD per person.

If you’re interested, please email us (P.B.deBest@gmail.com) and/or Tristan (tristan.j.philippe@ubc.ca), and we can provide more details.




We are no longer looking for roommates.

Thanks anyways for your interest.