Looking for roommate Oct 18-23


My name is Kyle Gauder, I’m a graduate student from McMaster University in Ontario, Canada (male, 26 year old). I am looking for a roommate to share hotel costs. I haven’t booked anything yet, so we would figure that out together. I am friendly and quiet, mainly looking forward to meeting somebody new!

Let me know if you are interested!

Thank you,

Hi Kyle,

This is Alan from Peru but living in London-UK the last 4 years (PhD). I am going to the SFN too and I am looking for someone to share a room.
I am friendly but distant when necessary. Go to bed early.

Hi Alan,

Sorry for the late reply! If you haven’t found a roommate yet we could try to room together! In terms of sleeping habits I’m normally a bit of a night owl, but probably won’t be staying awake long with the busy conference days.

If you’re still interested you can email me at gauderkd@mcmaster.ca