Looking for female roommate for 11/2 to 11/8 for reserved room at King's Inn Hotel (found)



I am a female graduate student from the University of Illinois who is looking for a roommate to share a 2 queen bed room at the King’s Inn Hotel from 11/2 to 11/8, which is on the shuttle route. I have already reserved the room and the cost to you would be ~$436.41. However, if you aren’t staying for the same amount of time, I would only expect you to split the cost on nights you were there.

About me: I am a 5th year graduate student in neuroscience at UIUC and this will be my 1st SfN meeting. My work focuses on behavioral genetics and methods development. I am quiet and don’t drink, though I like to fall asleep listening to music which I would do with headphones. I take evening showers so the bathroom would be yours in the morning.

Feel free to email me at nholmes3@illinois.edu.


My name is Rushna Shrestha. I am a master’s student at Hunter college in New York. My study also focus on neuroscience. My Lab works on neurodegeneration.
Let me know if you still looking for the room mate.
My email is rushnashrestha@gmail.com

Thank you!


I have found a roommate at this point, but have been contacted by several individuals so there are definitely still people looking for roommates.

Good luck and see you at SfN.