Looking for a female roommate at Hilton Bayfront (2 blocks away) 11/3-7


Hi, I’m a staff researcher from Korea.

I’m looking for a person to share my 2bed room at Hilton Bayfront from 11/3-7. The hotel is only 2 blocks away from the convention center, so it will be very convenient to go back and forth. I’m easy going and courteous, and I will hardly be in the room, except at night to sleep.

Nightly rate (including tax and fees) for each person will be $163.50.


Are you still looking for a roomate ? I could share one with you. If you’re interested, pleases mail me (tmfamy84@gmail.com).


Hi tmfamy84,
This is Bin Zhang MD, PhD female senior scientist from University of Pennsylvania.
I have reserved a hotel near the beach. Please let me know if you are interested?
my email is


I’m sorry. I found roomate.


2018년 8월 11일 (토) 오전 1:41, Bin Zhang sfn@discoursemail.com님이 작성:


Thanks for your response.