Looking for a female roomate to share the hotel room in SFN from 11/3/18 to 11/7/18


I am looking for a female to share the double queen beds room in the hotel with shuttle bus to SFN from 11/3/18 to 11/7/10 in San Diego 2018SFN.
Please contact me with my email: binzhang@upenn.edu
Bin Zhang


Hi Bin, I’m Yun Li, a post-doc at the University of Maryland, Baltimore. Are you still looking for a roommate?


Hi, Yun Li, I’m Yanjiao WU, from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, do you have find a roommate.



I find a roommate.

Thanks and good luck!



Hey Yanjiao, you still need a room to bunk for SFN? It’s kind of last minute, but turns out Bin Zhang can’t come to the conference anymore. Do you want to take her place in this great harbor view 5-star hotel?

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