Looking for a female room


I’m Antonia Gurgone, an Italian PhD student from Torino. I’m looking for a female room from 11/1-2 to 11/8-9. Is there someone that is looking for a roomate?
Please contact me! :smiley:
Bye bye


I booked a room with a king bed in this hotel: Quality Inn I-5 Naval Base (US$512/20=$256).
contact me if someone is interested contact me


Yes I am interested!
I saw your post, with a total of $256/person.
When is the date you booked?



Hi Antonia,

I am a post-doc from University of British Columbia, looking for a room from 11/1-11/9. Let me know if you found a roommate yet? My email address is matinnus@mail.ubc.ca