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This site has a comprehensive list of summer research opportunities. I am not sure what the citizenship requirements are for each program, but I can tell you that if the program isn’t on this list, it probably does not exist:


Regarding meeting people in your field- I think going to posters is a great place to meet people in your field.


Thank you very much! I just read the eligibility requirements of the travel award, it requires an abstract of research of which for now I don’t have yet.


Outside of the socials, the best bet in my opinion is the poster floor. I have met many people while just wandering the floor for hours and stopping at posters that are both in and out of my particular interest. Again, if you using the meeting planner can help you narrow down who the individuals in your field may be because this would help make sure you are on the floor at the same time. If you are like me and are a bit of an introvert, I “practice” talking to new people while at SfN by striking up conversations with relative strangers (Uber drivers, hotel workers, etc). This helps prime me to be in a more social state.


Do you have e-mails for further questions as the live chat is limited to just 1 hour which is about to end already. Thank you very much.


Thinking about the key tips for SfN -

  1. Wear comfortable shoes and pack a snack in your bag
  2. Look up old friends and colleagues- its a great place to catch up
  3. Be intentional about learning something new - it can have a big impact on your current research direction.
  4. Use the sponsors section to look into new tools or software for your lab
  5. If you are NIH funded, take a moment to meet your program officer - or the trainee program officer- they have great information about specific grants, or upcoming programs.
  6. Don’t over book yourself- its a marathon meeting (not a sprint) :slight_smile:


Hi @combistajohncarlo! If you have any other questions about the meeting, please send them to


Thanks for coming everyone. I would like to leave you with my top 3 tips for navigating SfN, in no particular order:

  1. Take care of your mental health. The SfN meeting is defined by long, intense days filled with science, and potentially even longer nights filled with social events. Do you best to protect yourself from burnout.

  2. Download the app. Use this to schedule your days and keep track of new contacts. Use the activity feed for up-to-the-minute updates of SfN talks and socials.

  3. Do no harm. SfN is a work-place event and should be treated as such. I have seen some people do some really dumb things at SfN, both at the convention hall and the after-hours socials. Treat each other with respect and never forget that what happens at SfN does not stay at SfN.


Janel from SfN here! As a planner for the annual meeting, here are my top three tips for attending.

  1. Get your Certificate of Attendance as soon as you get to the meeting and put it in a safe place. Many institutions require this document for reimbursement. Certificates are not provided after the meeting. No exceptions.

  2. Download the mobile app before getting to the meeting. The app has information regarding hotel shuttles, convention center maps, and general information that will be helpful in finding your way around San Diego. All of this along with giving users the ability to plan schedules. The app is used by SfN staff and meeting attendees alike to navigate the meeting.

  3. Remember to have fun! In San Diego, you will be surrounded by thousands of like-minded people all in one place. Take time to have lunch or dinner with a new colleague. Connect with companies on the Exhibit Floor and see who has the best swag. Stop by the SfN Booth and chat with a journal editor or check out what is going on at the Society!

If there are any additional meeting-related questions, contact See you all in San Diego!


Thanks for joining the live chat! Be sure to check out the Neuronline collection Advice for SfN’s Annual Meeting and other Annual Meeting Resources linked in the post above. If you have any other questions about the meeting, please send them to


Thank you for the questions and discussion, I look forward to seeing folks at the meeting!


Thanks so much for all the suggestions. I look forward to see you all.


Hi am24!!!

  • Be sure about what do you want to learn in this meeting, do not worry if there is another huge theme because the next year you can switch to another theme or area…
  • Use the curate suggestions to learn about a specific theme… That works so nicely to learn and no be stressful choosing posters and talks…
  • Finally I recommend to be on a poster session about the theme of you election… THE ENTIRE SESSION!!! That because sometimes the authors are around the sessions and in any moment you can talk with them!!