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Thanks for everyone who joined us today and those who submitted questions! I hope this info was helpful :slight_smile: Enjoy the meeting!!


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Thanks for joining the live chat! Be sure to check out the many annual meeting resources available to you as you plan for Neuroscience 2017:


Can a guess, who is goint to be for Saturday, and she my girlfriend and coauthro, attend this meeting (The meeting for diversity Sat 6 30 pm)?


Good afternoon! Janel here from SfN. Guest registration is open to non-scientist family members or guests of a scientist. The guest registration fee includes a badge, admission to social events, and access to a scientific event for the sole purpose of observing the registered scientist’s presentation. A co-author on your poster would be considered a member of the scientific community, and would therefore not be eligible for guest registration. One-day registration for scientists is not available.

For more information on registration categories, visit


Thank you so much @heimanchow!!! Very helpful information.