Integrative Physiology and Behavior (Theme F) - Benjamin Bell



Integrative Physiology and Behavior (Theme F) - Benjamin Bell

Hi All,

My name is Benjamin Bell, I’m a PhD candidate in Human Genetics at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, and my main interest is sleep! Unfortunately, not my sleep, but the sleep of my mouse and fly models, which I use to characterize the role our circadian clock plays in maintaining timing of sleep and arousal.

Over the course of SfN this year, I’ll be blogging about the various ways physiological changes affect behavior and cognition in animals, with a specific interest in psychoactive substances, from caffeine to LSD.

If you’d like to learn more about sleep (or need a place to catch a few Z’s), come join me for my talk in the “Timely Insights in Circadian Regulation” symposium, Saturday Nov. 3 at 1 pm. See you all in San Diego!

Benjamin Bell
PhD Candidate
Dr. Mark Wu Lab
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Neuronline: @ben.bell12

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