Hi Looking for a roommate female from Nov 11 to Nov 15 for SFN congress


My Name is Claudia M Garcia Pena, I’m a postdoctoral scholar form University of Nevada, Reno. Hope some one can be available to share a room with me. Let me know!!!


My name is Amy Pruszenski and this is my first SfN conference. I am a neuro-developmental optometrist who works a lot with brain-injury patients and children with developmental vision issues o each them how to develop heir eye-brain connection/visual skills, or rehabilitate them.

I am waiting to hear if a colleague wants to be my roommate, but figured I would put out some feelers in case she does not I have booked a room at the Loews Madison Hotel 1177 15th St, NW, 7 blocks from the convention center, and I assume on the free shuttle route. I check in on Nov 10 (late) and leave Nov 15, so far. Have you found a roommate, yet? What is your neuro background?

Amy Pruszenski


Hi Amy:

Yes, I found a roommate. Sorry.
The issue is that i’m arriving from Nov 11 until Nov 16 and i found some one who mach this expectation of time.

Thanks so much for answer me.


No worries - thanks


Dear Amy,

I am a 4th year PhD student at UCL in London. My project is centered around the regulation of tonic inhibition by neurosteroids in the lab of T.G Smart. I am still looking for a room for this year’s SFN conference for exactly the dates you mentioned.
Are you still looking for a roommate?
Let me know!

Best wishes,
Marielle Minere


I am Sanjana Manja, a second year MS Biotechnology student at University of Central Florida, Orlando. My project is related to PNMT expression in the CNS. This is my first time attending this conference. I am looking for a female roommate for the dates November 11th- 16th, 2017. Please do let me know if there are any spots available . I would prefer less than 150$ per night.

Sanjana Manja