Funding for events


HI all,

I received an email from an undergraduate who is trying to start a BAW at her college asking for funding sources for BAW activities. I sent her some ideas and I thought it might be good to get a larger voice on this. What sources have you used to fund your BAW activities?

I’ll start the list:

  • Dana Foundation - they offer some incentives (pencils, brain erasers) and a whole bunch of fun and informative books and brochures:
  • Since you’re an undergrad - how about your student government? Dean’s office?
  • Sometimes local businesses will donate their time/money/goods to the cause
  • local SfN chapters

What else?



Those are good avenues. I would add to the list that the Dana Foundation also has a “Lending Library” program in which colleges and universities can get funds for materials to support K-12 classroom visits.

A student bake sale or other such fundraising mechanism also might provide enough money for a small program in year one. And success in one year makes for greater momentum and enthusiasm for the next…



Hi everyone,

SfN offers support for outreach and partnerships through the chapter grants program.

 When approaching stores, I suggest that you ask them about sponsoring an event. You will likely have to submit something to their main offices well in advance of your event since the stores now need prior approval for these efforts.  I suggest going into a local store and asking the manager about possible sponsorship.

take care, Melissa