FOUND no longer looking...... Roommate for SfN from Nov 9th or 10th to 15th



I am a (male) PhD student from UBC looking for a roommate (male or female).
More about me and the lab I work at:

I plan on going to the Neuroinformatics workshop on Friday and thought it would be better to arrive on Thursday (9th) stay the night and go to the workshop Friday morning, then check out on the 15th. If anyone else plans on doing the same let me know. Otherwise it’s also possible for us to book different times, so if you wanted to arrive on the 10th you wouldn’t pay half of the 9th with me.

I reserved bunk beds at the Hive-Micro hotel, but am open to cancelling that reservation for something else.

You can email me at



As an update we decided to form a group and are looking for one more roommate see here:


We are no longer looking for a roommate.

Thank you for your interest