[FOUND] Looking for Roomate(s) - 9.0/10 rated hotel - 2 Bedroom Suites - $174 per room - Nov 10 to 16



Hi Everyone, I am a PhD student from the University of Texas at Austin and will be attending sfN 2017 from Nov10 (check in) to Nov16 (check out). I have booked a hotel (AKA hotel Washington right by the white house (1.5 miles from convention center, 10mins walk+10mins bus ride). This place has a 9.0/10 rating from Booking.com. I want to share this two-bedroom suite with 1 to 3 people. I paid 2083 for 6 nights so the price per room would be 2083/12 = 174. Since there are two separate bedrooms (each with one bed), I am not limiting the gender of roommates to gentleman, All are welcome. I do want to know more people working in the neuroscience field and I don’t mind sharing a bed.
The total capacity for this suite is 4 people, we will find the right number of people through discussion.

I am primarily involved in a project to chronically track individual neurons with electrical recording. But I have worked in projects in stroke rehabilitation, epilepsy detection, brain machine interface and interested in many other areas in neuroscience as well, like learning and memory.

I can be reached at hanlin.zhu@utexas.edu, please let me know some basic information about you as well as your preferences for number/sex of roommates. Looking forward to hearing from you.


This is still available due to the previous roommate found another place to live. Please contact me, Thanks.


Hi I am interested in a sharing a room. I am interested in Nov 10 -14 based on my flights. Is a space still available? Bruce Gray (SfN member)


Yes. It is. welcome. By the way, by sharing a room, you mean sharing a bed in a bedroom($87 per night for the length of your stay) or sharing the suite and you want to sleep privately in one of the bedrooms($174 per night for the length of your stay) ?


I’m interested in sharing the suite (having my own bed) at 174/night from 11/10 - 11/14. I am assuming that rate includes taxes. What is the location?



Sure, you can have the other bedroom. If a third roommate is on abroad, he would share a bed with me. Yes, tax is included in the 174, here is the location, 1.1 miles away from the convention center.



Sounds Good. What is the name of your hotel at 1710 H St NW?


It’s called “AKA White House”


Ready to share! Pease respond!


I feel like there isn’t an official way to handle the sharing process. What I can provide you now is the booking confirmation through email to assure you that this post is real. We could also exchange some contact details of ours through email, and agree on a place/time to meet. What else can you think of ? Let me know. Thanks.


Hi Hanlin,
cc Gray

I’m interested in it. I am a graduate student from Northwestern University. I plan to stay for five nights (11/10 - 11/14) and leave on 11/15. Will that be okay for sharing a bedroom with you?



Sure. My bedroom can still take one more person, we can share it. you will be just paying for $87 per night for 5 nights then.


Great. Can I have your email address? Mine is yanyu2012@u.northwestern.edu