Disaster Relief/ New Mexico State University Lab


Offering assistance:

Group Leader: Elba Serrano, PhD

Position: Regents Professor, New Mexico State University

Affiliations: Program Director, (MPI) RISE Program; Director, Neuroscience Research Education, BP-ENDURE BRAiN; Molecular Biology Graduate Program; NM Space Grant Consortium; Honors College

Resources: The Serrano Lab can provide bench space for two researchers (faculty/postdocs/grad students). We are equipped for cellular, molecular, imaging, electrophysiology, histology, and bioinformatics research. Experiments with BSL2 neural cell culture and plant samples are routinely undertaken with available equipment. NMSU is a RISE/SCORE-eligible, land grant, Hispanic-serving MSI located in southern New Mexico 50 miles north of El Paso. The cost of living in Las Cruces is very low and inexpensive housing is available within walking distance of the campus.

Languages: Fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese