Development & Cognition (Theme A & H) Blogger: Prabarna Ganguly



Hello everyone!

My name is Prabarna Ganguly and I am a Behavioral Neuroscience PhD candidate at Northeastern University in Boston. I study the effects of early life stress on neuroinflammation and its associated effects on adolescent drug-addiction behavior. If you want to learn more about how stress can induce vulnerability to addiction, come see me and my poster (499.19) on Tuesday, Nov 6 between 10-12pm!

This year I am excited to cover all the exciting work being done in the field of development and cognition. Specifically, I will be highlighting research on stem cells and reprogramming, autism, as well as human cognition and behavior.

Cheers and looking forward to making great SFN connections in sunny San Diego!

Prabarna Ganguly
PhD Candidate
Brenhouse Lab
Northeastern University
Neuronline: @ganguly_p
Twitter: @prabarna

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