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Cognition & History/Education Blogger: Sadie Witkowski

Hi Everyone!

I’m a PhD candidate in the Brain, Behavior, & Cognition area of Psychology at Northwestern University. I study sleep & memory under Dr. Ken Paller. In particular, I’m interested in how memory is processed during sleep and how the neural mechanisms differ across memory types. If you want to know more about my research, you can find me at my poster!

Of course, I’m also interested in a myriad of topics beyond memory & will be blogging about them over the course of the conference. In particular, I will be reporting on poster and symposia talks about cognition & education/history. I’m especially excited to highlight some of the research on science communication within neuroscience. Who knows, maybe I’ll manage some interesting cross-pollination of the cognition & education themes.

I hope you follow along on my SfN adventures!

Sadie (Sarah) Witkowski
PhD Candidate
Cognitive Neuroscience Lab
Northwestern University
Neuronline: @Sadie_Witkowski
Twitter: @SadieWit or @PhDrinking

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