Brain Health and Wellness at SfN 2017



My name is Julia Basso, and I am a post-doctoral associate in the Suzuki Laboratory in the Center for Neural Science at New York University. As a neuroscientist and dancer, I am interested in the body-brain connection and specifically how we can use our bodies to enhance our cognitive capacities.

During the conference, I will be focusing on motivation, emotion, and cognition (Themes G and H). I look forward to reporting on all of the new and exciting research being conducted on ways to improve our brain function and physiology!

Julia C. Basso, PhD, CYT
Post-doctoral Research Associate
New York University
Neuronline: @juliabasso
Twitter: @ExercisingBrain

Welcome to the Neuroscience 2017 Blogs!

Your research sounds so fascinating Julia! I am a neuroscientist (in training…3rd year PhD) and musician! I study the neuroscience of music, specifically the effects of music on the primary motor cortex (at the moment). However, for my dissertation, I’ll be looking at motor and cognitive inhibition in musicians and non-musicians across the lifespan.

If you have a talk or poster, please let me know! I would love to hear more about your research.



Hi Patricia,

Thanks for reaching out! Your research sounds fascinating as well. I will be presenting my recent work on exercise and academia on November 14th during the afternoon session:!/4376/presentation/15899. Are you presenting? I would love to learn more about your work!


Hi Julia!

I wish I could make your poster session! Unfortunately, I am only at SfN until Monday morning after my poster presentation (!/4376/presentation/16348). I would love if you could come by on Monday though. I’ll be at my poster from 8:00 am to 10:00 am.