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I gather that this practice is discouraged for abstract submissions (although it wasn’t explicitly stated), to refine this question, is it within the expectations of SfN abstracts to submit based on partial results, or does the entire project intended for a poster need to be completed?


Submitted question:

How do I categorize my abstract if it doesn’t exactly fit in one of the themes?


A project in progress is definitely appropriate for SfN. I encourage my students to get feedback on their results prior to publication.


Select a first choice and second choice that you feel are the closest to your field. You can also discuss your abstract with colleagues in your field to find out what themes and topics they typically select. Finally, feel free to contact program@sfn.org with comments that will be passed on to the program committee. Good luck!


We appreciate this concern. As researchers, we go to different type of meetings. The value of SFN as many see it is the all inclusive nature of the meeting that allows one to view a field in a most updated view. In some ways, gather a big picture. There are clearly other much smaller and more focused meeting that one can gather more focused and concentrated information in a particular fileld.


Also, consider using the abstract topic matching forum:



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I am writing to ask about the confidentiality policy of abstracts submitted for the SfN annual meeting. If the submitted abstracts are sent to reviewers, Is it possible to protect the confidentiality of the data?


Abstract reviewers are bound by confidentiality during the review process. But abstracts accepted to the meeting will be released in late August via the Neuroscience Meeting Planner.


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Does it matter when I submit my abstract? Will it make a difference if I submit it as early as possible?


If I were independently wealthy I would attend SFN every year solely for the enjoyment of being at this meeting which I do miss. Not the case so I have choose.


The timing of submission will not impact on the review and selection process.


Submitted question:

Do I need to renew my membership to submit an abstract?


I look forward to seeing everyone at San Diego and learning the exciting new progresses. Submit your abstracts, find your linking groups and be part of this years SFN.


Yes, membership with SfN is required for abstract submission. All members, except for affiliate members, are allowed to submit abstracts. For more information on membership and the array of benefits that come with it, visit www.sfn.org/membership.


This a great question! We encourage all submitters to start and finalize their submissions as early as possible. Remember, if your abstract is finalized by the submission deadline of Thursday, May 3, 5 p.m. EDT, you can make edits to your finalized abstract until the editing deadline of Monday, May 7, 5 p.m. EDT. So even if you obtain new information after your abstract is finalized, you will be able to make edits to your abstract until Monday, May 7, 5 p.m. EDT.


Thanks for submitting your questions. Don’t forget that abstract submissions close on May 3. Hope to see you at SfN18!


Thank you all for attending today’s live chat! And a special thank you to our moderators Kang Shen and Ellen Lumpkin! If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us at program@sfn.org. Happy Abstract Submitting Season!