Abstract submission - institution is required in primary address?


Hello Sir/Madam, I am trying to submit an abstract but I got stuck with the below message on the submission page

“You have not entered an institution in your primary address. Please edit your primary address below to add one. Your institution is required for abstract submission.”

I have double checked that I put down my institution - Chinese University of Hong Kong in my primary address, but somehow the system cannot recognize? Please let me know how I should proceed. Many thanks!

-Samuel from Chinese University of Hong Kong


Hi @samuelsy! Changes to your address and institution must be made in My Account before continuing to the abstract submission site: bit.ly/2LkabR7


Thanks @andrewnchen! It somehow appeared that the system couldn’t recognize my institute. Nevertheless, it is now sorted as I contacted the staff via program@sfn.org. Thank you anyways!

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