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Join the Abstract Submission Live Chat | Monday, April 29, 11a.m.-12 p.m. EDT

Do you have any questions about submitting an abstract for Neuroscience 2019? Join us on April 29 for an online discussion on the Neuronline Community with Cheryl Stucky, PhD and Patricia Janak, PhD, Chair of the Program Committee. Don’t miss your chance to chat about your submission directly with abstract reviewers!

Participants are encouraged to submit questions in advance of the live chat in the discussion thread below. If you would like to post a question but are unable to do so directly in this thread, please email program@sfn.org with your question.

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Submit abstracts at http://www.sfn.org/cfa

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janak Patricia Janak, PhD
Patricia Janak is a Bloomberg Distinguished Professor at Johns Hopkins University, with appointments in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences in the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences and the Department of Neuroscience in the School of Medicine. Patricia studies neural processes of reward learning, and is especially interested in learning mechanisms underlying addiction. Patricia earned her Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, and conducted postdoctoral research at the Wake Forest School of Medicine and the National Institute on Drug Abuse, National Institutes of Health. From 1999 to 2014, Dr. Janak was faculty at the University of California, San Francisco where she was the Howard J. Weinberger, M.D., Endowed Chair in Addiction Research at the University of California, San Francisco.

c_stucky Cheryl Stucky, PhD
Cheryl Stucky is the Marvin Wagner Endowed Chair at the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW). She is also Director of the Neuroscience Doctoral Program and Director of the Pain Division of the Neuroscience Research Center at MCW. Cheryl studies the molecular, cellular and physiological mechanisms of somatosensation, particularly processes underlying touch transduction and acute and chronic pain. Cheryl received her BA from Bethel College in Newton, Kansas. She then earned her Ph.D. in Neuroscience at the University of Minnesota and conducted postdoctoral research at the University of Würzburg in Würzburg, Germany and the Max Delbruck Center for Molecular Medicine in Berlin, Germany. She is currently PI on two R01 grants and an R37 Javits award from NINDS.

Abstract submission
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Hi Everyone,
This is Cheryl Stucky. I’m excited to help answer your questions about abstract submission this morning!

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Good morning! This is Janel from SfN. We’re going to get started here in a few minutes. If you have questions for our moderators, post them below.


Good morning, Dr. Stucky!


Good Morning Janel!


I’m trying to submit my abstract for SFN 2019, and in order to do so, I registered in SFN website. It seems I am registered but as an inactive member. I was wondering how or when it might change to active member, as the deadline for abstract submission is getting close. Regarding the membership payment I only see the bill but there is no Bank information that I can transfer the fee.


Good morning!! Please contact membership@sfn.org. From there, staff can assist you with activating your membership.

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User submitted question: I would like to know whether systematic literature reviews are allowed. If so, what are the rules which I would need to take into consideration if a systematic literature review is permissible.


Thank you. Any abstract submitted will need to contain some new data in order to be accepted.


Member submitted question:

Hi, if is the figure caption is added as in image to the document, does it still count as the number of characters? because word doesn’t consider count the number of characters or words in the caption.


If you are uploading figure as an image, the character count will be decreased by 500 characters. The figure caption will not be counted against the character count as long as the caption is a part of the image.


Hello Dr. Stucky,
We are two PhD Students and an Assistant Professor from the University of Caen, France. We have several questions concerning the inscription and participation in the Neuroscience 2019 Meeting.

  1. We are waiting for the renewal of the membership of a sponsor. Meanwhile we cannot apply for membership yet. Are there the deadline prolongations possible for the abstract submission?
  2. Could two people have the same sponsors for the membership?
  3. The information on the internet page seems to vary, so could you confirm the following information: to apply for membership a student needs to provide a document confirming the inscription at the university, a CV, two sponsor numbers and 70 dollars of fee? And the meeting fee is 210 dollars (PhD Students, France)?
  4. Did we understand it right, that for presenting a dynamic poster we need to pay an extra fee, more than for other types of presentation (+170 dollars supplementary)?
    We thank you in advance for the information,

Kindest regards,
Olga Kuldavletova, Florane Pasquier and Gaelle Quarck.


User submitted question: I would like to know if it is mandatory to describe “mean and SEM” of my data in the abstract or only in the poster.


Thanks for your question! You do not have to include each mean and SEM in your abstract.


Member submitted question:

As of right now, we are roughly 30% of our way through our anticipated data collection, but I do want to present at the SfN conference; am I allowed to? We do not have our full data collected, but I would like to present. Is this possible or am I not allowed to?


Thanks for this important question! The poster should be substantively the same as the data and interpretation that are presented in the abstract. So if you feel comfortable that this will be the case, go ahead and submit.


Good morning! It looks like your questions are surrounding becoming a member to submit an abstract. I’ll answer in the order that you asked:

  1. All abstracts must be submitted prior to the submission deadline of Thursday, May 2, 5 p.m. EDT. There will be no extensions beyond the submission deadline.
  2. There is not a limit for the number of people that members can sponsor for membership. So yes, people may have the same sponsors.
  3. You are correct regarding what is stated in the third section of your question. To submit an abstract for the annual meeting, you must be a member. Student members have to complete all requirements for student membership. You must also submit the $135 abstract handling fee as a part of abstract submission, and pay the registration fee for the meeting.
  4. During submission, you may indicate a preference for a dynamic poster presentation. Those accepted for dynamic poster presentation will be subject to an additional $170 dynamic poster presentation fee.
    If you have additional questions about membership, contact membership@sfn.org.

Member submitted question:

Can I edit my title and abstract after submitting?


Yes! You have until 5pm eastern time, Monday May 6th to edit your submission. After that time, no further edits are possible.