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April Neuronline Recap

Sam Staples

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Sam Staples

Read Q&As with the current class of Early Career Policy Ambassadors (ECPA) program, a 10-month program designed for early career scientists to learn how to advocate for science and interact with federal policymakers, as well as connect with fellow NeuroAdvocates. 

Neuroscience education is transforming by integrating cutting-edge technologies such as ChatGPT into classrooms. Jasmine Pathan, a PhD candidate at City University of New York, discusses the benefits and limitations of these AI-powered models. 

Neuronline Community Leader and neurosurgeon Valéria Muoio, PhD, discusses how Brain Awareness Week events can build a community and increase knowledge about the human brain at your institution. 

Neurosurgeons have unique access to the human brain. In this on-demand webinar, experts discuss how a background in nonhuman primate neurophysiology has been translated into work studying both pathological and normal human brain function across movement disorders, epilepsy, and intractable psychiatric disease. 

Spatial transcriptomics was the first method to provide unbiased whole transcriptome analysis with spatial information from tissue. This on-demand webinar covers the exciting expansion into new spatial modalities to explore tissue ecosystems. 

Watch this on-demand webinar as Anthony Burgos-Robles and Ada Felix-Ortiz discuss their paper, “Prefrontal Regulation of Safety Learning during Ethologically Relevant Thermal Threat, with eNeuro Editor-in-Chief Christophe Bernard. 

Program Committee Chair Laura Colgin, Program Committee Member India Morrison, and Trainee Advisory Committee Member J. Alex Grizzell discuss how to put together an impactful abstract for Neuroscience 2024, which will be held in Chicago, October 5–9.

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