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March Neuronline Community Recap

Sam Staples

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Sam Staples

In this new Neuronline article, Dr. Juan Pablo Alperin speaks on the incentivization of exclusivity in academia and how the broader shift towards open access to research will benefit the careers of researchers. Read this and more in the Foundations of Rigorous Neuroscience Research collection. 


How do cognitive biases and the pressures of the incentive structures in academia undermine the quality of research produced? Dr. Marcus Munafo shares how community-centered action, collaboration, and open science improve scientific rigor, as a part of the Foundations of Rigorous Neuroscience Research collection. 


Recreational drug use continues to harm health, as well as vocational and inter-personal success, for some individuals. In this on-demand webinar, Dr. Michael Taffe describes how models from non-human primate to rat to the crayfish have been used in his lab to determine effects of popular recreational drugs. Watch this and more in the Meet-the-Experts collection. 


Bio-photonic nanotools, including organic nanoparticles and photochromic compounds, represent a gene-free strategy for wireless neural photostimulation. Current studies in animal models are addressing their potential application in the cure of human neurodegenerative diseases. In a Meet-the-Experts webinar, Dr. Fabio Benfenati takes a deep dive into nanotools and their application in the cure of human neurodegenerative diseases. 


"An essential part of doing good science is getting the word out." Dr. Gundula Bosch shares how influential writing and increasing the visibility of your work through non-traditional forms of media can facilitate changes in education and build influence. Read the whole article, which includes a short video from the author, and explore the Foundations of Rigorous Neuroscience Research collection. 


Circadian rhythm disturbances are commonly seen in neurologic disorders across the life span. The ramifications of these disturbances for the cellular healing capabilities of the brain are unknown. In this SfN Journals: In Conversation webinar, Dr. Terry Dean and Dr. Vittorio Gallo discuss their eNeuro paper with Editor-in-Chief Christophe Bernard. 

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