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Does Weighted Blanket Help Reduce Anxiety Levels?

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Weighted blankets are used by many people especially anxious, insomniacs, or autistic people. These blankets have shown to provide a  complementary and safe treatment for a peaceful sleep. 

These are safe to use, and are used by both children and adults. Weighted blankets helps one get into a relaxed state and allows deep sleep. 

Weighted blankets press your body lower during sleep, which helps to ground you. The process of "earthing" or "grounding" can be extremely relaxing. Deep pressure touch (DPT), a type of therapy that involves hard, hands-on contact to decrease chronic stress and high levels of anxiety, is likewise simulated by the blankets. 

Grounding has been shown in studies to help reduce cortisol, a stress hormone, levels at night. When your brain believes you're being attacked, it releases cortisol, which triggers the fight, flight, or freeze response. Cortisol levels might rise as a result of stress. The immune system may suffer as a result of this. It can also raise blood sugar levels and have a negative impact on the digestive system. 

Weighted blankets can encourage relaxation and help interrupt the cycle by offering deep pressure contact. This could cause the release of the feel-good hormones serotonin and dopamine, produced by the brain. Stress, anxiety, and sadness are all aided by these chemicals. 

Weighted blankets weighing 30 pounds were proven to be an effective and safe technique to alleviate anxiety in people in a study. Sixty-three percent of the 32 people who took part in the study said they were less anxious (Mullen et al., 2008). 

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