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Looking for a student roommate to book a double at lower price

Marco Fogli

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Marco Fogli

Hi everybody,

I'm a PhD student working on astrocytes responses to brain injury and I'm particularly interested in their latent neural stem cell potential.

I'm looking for a male roommate to book a double as close as possible to the convention center. From November 11 (or 12) to 16
I've found that Horton grand Hotel is super close and splitting a double would cost around 125$/night per person!! (for students and category I II III members, up to 23th august)

Please let me know if you're interested so that we can manage to book the room asap




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Hi Marco

I am interested in it. Are you still seeking for a new roommate? If you are interested in sharing your room with me, please add me your hotel. Thanks! 

BTW: I am a postdoctor from St Jude Children's Research Hospital, primary research is T cell response in AD.

Personal habit: keep everything clean and tidy, no drug, no smoke and no alcohol.

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