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Is anyone still looking for a roommate?

Kaarthik Abhinav Balakrishnan

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Kaarthik Abhinav Balakrishnan

Hey there!

I am Kaarthik Abhinav Balakrishnan, a PhD candidate at The Ohio State University, attending the SfN Meeting for the first time. I work on Computational and Behavioral Neuroscience with larval zebrafish. I was looking to share a room with some fellow attendees, to bring down the cost of stay. I don't smoke or drink, and cleanliness is super important to me. I plan to spend the entire day at the meeting and only come to the room for sleeping. Please contact me by email, balakrishnan.64@osu.edu, if anyone is interested in sharing a room.

I have made a reservation from 11th November to 16th November for a room with 2 Queen beds, good to accommodate 4 people comfortably, and the hotel is only 7 blocks from the convention center. There is a shuttle to take us to the convention center as well. The total charges for the room comes to $1853.85, which when split amongst four people will amount to ~$464, which is similar to cost per person for some double occupancy rooms (which are no longer available to check-in by 11th of November).

A little more about me. I am learning to play the guitar, will run a marathon in October, and love to talk about about Science.

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More details added about myself.
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