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looking for roommate during conference

Calli Smith

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Calli Smith


My name is Calli and this will be my first time attending the conference!

Planning to be at the conference as much as possible but also hoping to explore the area a bit since I've never been. Hoping to split a hotel nearby.

I work in a computational neuroscience lab at Boston Children's Hospital studying adolescent development and cognition with fMRI data.

I'm 22, I don't smoke, am neat and organized, and typically sleep between 11 and 8, although I'm pretty quiet overall.

In general, I like to run, hike, read, and listen to music.


Reply or email me at calli.smith@childrens.harvard.edu if you're interested in rooming together!

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Rudrarup Bhattacharjee

Hi Calli,

Just sent you an email regarding the accommodation share.




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