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Looking for a female roomate for a double room!

Gaeun Park

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Gaeun Park

Hi everyone,

I am looking for a women to share a double room with me at Horton Grand hotel 311 Island Avenu which is chosen as student hotels for SfN 2022. This hotel is close enough to the sfn 2022 convention building.  I am a PhD student in Seoul National University, South Korea. I speak English and Korean mainly. 

I am in late 20s, prefer a roomate who can stay clean, don't smoke, don't snore. I am planning to maintain my lifestyle of going bed by 11pm, wake up by 7am. But I promise that I can stay as quite as I can while the roomate is still in her sleep. I am clean and planning to attend as much of the conference as possible. I will book the double room on the 20th of July.

If you are interested in being my roomate during sfn2022, feel free to contect here or by email - gaeun.park@brain.snu.ac.kr 



Gaeun Park

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