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Perception of the world

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Hi, my name is Filip!

I have an interesting ability in my brain that lets me change the perception of the world. It is a little bit hard to explain but I'll try. By the "change of perception", I mean seeing all of my surroundings in two ways: the first is what I call the "normal one" or the "default" because it is the perception I'm mostly in; the second one occurs only when I want it to occur, but after I forget about that, it automatically changes to the "default" one. The way I make the second occur is to go through the streets of my neighbourhood, make a loop and come back to the same place, but with a changed perspective. Those "loops" are unique paths which I have to go through in my head to change that perspective. I could do that since I was little but everyone who I talked to thought I was some crazy kid. Now when I'm older I don't even want to tell anyone about that because of the hard explaining I have to go through. My thoughts were that this coulndn't be happening only to me, there must be someone who can help me understand what this is. One more interesting thing: I'm more concentrated in the "second" perspective so I try to stay in the same, because I need the concentration for my college. All I'm gonna add is: Brain is a hell of an organ.

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