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Andrew Chen

Use community hashtags as you would on social media (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc) to help those who may be interested in that topic or grouping to be able to find it in a search. The intent is to create a sense of community within a virtual environment and to help you connect with others with similar interests. This field is entirely optional and can be left blank, but feel free to get creative. For example, you could coordinate with your lab to use a lab hashtag, or with collaborators on a special project hashtag; you can use them to identify communities within neuroscience (e.g., #blackinneuro, or #FUN for faculty of undergraduate neuroscience).

Here are some hashtags to start with!

  • #FUN
  • #blackinneuro
  • #NSPeeps
  • #BLM
  • #seekingpostdocposition
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