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SfN Announces New January 2021 Virtual Experience

Andrew Chen

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SfN is pleased to announce its brand-new virtual experience – scheduled for January 2021. This three-day, cross-cutting digital neuroscience event allows for scientific exchange via digital abstracts, dynamic talks, interactive Q&A, popular sessions such as dual perspectives and storytelling, a robust exhibit floor, a grad school fair, and a NeuroJobs job fair. This virtual experience will provide new digital opportunities for the neuroscience community, focusing on what’s new and upcoming in the field and allowing for SfN members to connect professionally to engage in scientific exchange in a time of unique challenges. This digital event provides a global opportunity to connect without the expense and time of travel and other inconveniences.

With the full program to be announced this fall, pay attention to this space for many more details about abstract submission, speakers, and other opportunities to virtually interact with others in the field. SfN members will be eligible to submit a digital abstract at no cost and will receive a reduced registration fee. SfN is pleased to be able to offer this new digital programming, convening the community to foster scientific exchange that will continue to support careers, growth, and learning for the field.

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