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Next Generation Leader Council - Call for Applications Open!

Stephanie Vose

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Stephanie Vose

The annual call for applicants for the Next Generation Leader Council is now open and will close June 12, 2020. The council fosters the development of emerging leaders in neuroscience and recognizes the importance of fresh and innovative contributions from scientists at early stages in their careers. This program continues through the recent and future evolution of the Allen Institute for Brain Science as outlined in its recent press release.

The Allen Institute for Brain Science’s mission is to accelerate the understanding of how the human brain works in health and disease. Using big science, team science and open science approaches, they generate useful public resources, drive technological and analytical advances, and discover fundamental brain properties through integration of open-ended and hypothesis-driven research and free public dissemination of our data. Since its inception, the Allen Institute for Brain Science has sought the advice and feedback of esteemed scientists through program-specific advisory councils. The Next Generation Leaders form a complementary group of advisors, bringing fresh and forward-looking perspectives, and will continue to interact with both the Cell Types and MindScope programs over the coming years.

The Allen Institute is seeking exceptional candidates to join the council. A Next Generation Leader may be selected from any basic scientific, biomedical, or technological field, but must be passionate about understanding the complex problems facing brain research today. Candidates should have demonstrated innovation and have potentially transformative research programs or ideas. They welcome diverse candidates whose experience in research, teaching, and outreach has prepared them to contribute to our commitment to making a broad, inclusive scientific impact.

Requirements are (1) a PhD and/or MD in a relevant field; (2) currently in a post-doctoral position, or began as an Assistant Professor on or after 6/12/2018 (or the equivalent level in industry).

Detailed information and application instructions are available on this website.


The application deadline is June 12, 2020. If you have questions or need additional information, please contact NextGen@alleninstitute.org. Thank you in advance for your candidate suggestions and support.

Next Generation Leaders Council at the Allen Institute 2020.pdf

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