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Andrew Chen

Mentoring while being away from the lab

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Andrew Chen

The toll that the COVID-19 outbreak is having on the current research environment will be felt for a long time. These significant disruptions to bench work and progress in many labs is slowing, spelling trouble for graduate students, postdocs, and PIs. Luckily, scientists are resourceful and hardworking, but this doesn’t mean that navigating these uncharted waters will be easy. 

Neuronline has a collection of articles and videos that can help provide guidance on mentoring. We hope that these resources can help you whether you’re a mentor, mentee, to-be mentor or to-be mentee.


Now more than ever, mentors and mentees need to support each other. Please use this thread to share your personal experiences on staying connected to your mentor or mentee. What are some ways that you’ve been able to support and communicate with one another to remain productive and focused?

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