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Getting Started and FAQs

Andrew Chen

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What is the Neuronline Community?

  • The Neuronline Community is the discussion and networking branch of Neuronline (pronounced 'neuron-line' 😄). This site hosts discussion forums where members can connect about scientific or professional development topics with other neuroscientists at every career stage.

Watch a quick introduction to the Community and its features!

How do I change my notifications settings?

  1. Your notification settings can be changed on this page.
  2. It is highly recommended to enable browser notifications so you will know if people respond to your posts without needing to refresh the page!

How do I find my Group (e.g.: Neuroscience Scholars Program, Leadership Development Program)?

  • In the blue navigation bar near the top of the page, click on “Groups” and you will be taken a page with a list of all the Groups.

I can’t access my specific Group, what should I do?

  • Message/email your program administrator or Andrew Chen, Community Specialist at achen@sfn.org with your SfN username and email so they can add you to the group

Why can’t I post?

  • Make sure you’re logged in; users are required to be logged into their SfN account and be a current member in order to post in a thread or create new ones.

How do I follow a category/topic/member?

  • To follow a category or topic, click on the white “Follow” box in that category or thread


  • To follow a member, click on their name to go to their profile, then click the “Follow Member” button next to their name.


Where do I find blog posts?

  • On the blue navigation bar, click “Blogs” to see all the available blog topics

Am I allowed to write blog posts?

  • Only Community Leaders can author Blog posts. If you’re interested in becoming a Community Leader, keep an eye out for applications opening in 2020!

Community Nomenclature

  • Community: the site as a whole
  • Category: the “container” for forums and subforums. E.g.: Annual Meeting, Scientific Research and Training
  • Forum: General Discussion, Professional Development, Roommate Matching
  • Subforum: Subdivision of a forum with more defined topics e.g.: Live Chats, Welcome Center & FAQs
  • Topic: an individual post within a forum


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