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Fractals are everywhere!

Gabriella Panuccio

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Gabriella Panuccio

I was searching for inspiration for my new project. I’ve always been fascinated by fractals. As a child, I was really hypnotized by kaleidoscopes. I thought I might apply this concept to the neurosciences and write a project looking into this. I can’t tell any more than this for obvious reasons…

Normally, I am inspired by images, and I try to formalize my vision into a graphical concept, namely, the project logo (yes, that’s the first thing that I do when I write research proposals!).

While trying to find the golden spiral, I have bumped into this website about design:
I am amazed at how often we may encounter the golden ration and by how many ways we may apply it in our daily lives and professions.

Has anyone aver explored the fractality of the brain? Can you point me to any relevant review or original research article?

Thank you all :slight_smile:

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