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PETA attacks Postdoctoral Researcher

Michael Oberdorfer

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Michael Oberdorfer

Speaking of Research reports that a young Yale researcher is under attack by PETA.
Christine Lattin is a postdoc at Yale University where she is engaged in very interesting research on the effects of stress on wild birds.
She describes her research on her website providing details on the relevance of her work including details of its importance, the choice of the animal model and the implications that her work has on our understanding of the negative impact that stress has on all creatures including humans.
Her research is in full compliance with all regulations involving animal research. Additionally her project has been reviewed and approved by BIRDNET an organization that specifically reviews research on wild bird populations.
PETA activists are demonstrating at Yale where their goal is to threaten, intimidate and isolate Dr. Lattin, this includes demonstrations at her home. These tactics may be aimed at breaking a researcher early in her career.
She needs our support.
You can do this by sending her a message on twitter: @c_lattin
Wouldn’t you want to hear from others if you were subject to this kind of attack?

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