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NYT OpEd, John Gluck: Second Thoughts of an Animal Researcher

Michael Oberdorfer

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Michael Oberdorfer

On the eve of an NIH workshop: Ensuring Continued Responsible Research with Non-Human Primates, The New York Times published an opinion piece by John P. Gluck a retired primate researcher at the University of New Mexico.

In the piece Gluck speaks from his own experience as a non-human primate researcher, taking issue with the stated goals of the workshop: “I know firsthand that “responsible” research is not enough. What we really need to examine is the very moral ground of animal research itself.” He cites both the psychological and physical pain that non-human primates experience in the lab and states: “The difficulties encountered in applying animal data to human treatment have recently become a more widely recognized problem.”

This statement is at odds with a recently published White Paper published by a noteworthy group of scientific societies, including SfN.
A group of primate researchers is preparing a rebuttal to Gluck’s OpEd.

This OpEd will spark a lot of debate that may well affect the use of animals in research in the future.
I strongly urge that everyone read Gluck’s piece and share what you think.

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