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LATP 2015 UNAM Course


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Week One Lectures (August 10-15)

Introduction to Magnetic Resonance Imaging - Sarael Alcauter, Ph.D.

National Laboratory of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Lab) - Sarael Alcauter, Ph.D.

Physiological Basis of the EEG: The EEG as a Function of the Brain - Thalia Harmony Baillet, Ph.D.

Resting State Functional Connectivity Networks - Fernando Barrios, Ph.D.

Preclinical fMRI Applications in Pain and Analgesia - Lino Becerra, Ph.D.

Quantitative Analysis of the Electroencephalogram - Jorge Bosch, Ph.D.

Diffusion MRI: Basic Principles and Applications - Luis Concha, Ph.D.

Short Introduction to DWI Analysis - Luis Concha, Ph.D.

Basics of Quantitative MRI: Relaxometry - Mark D. Does, Ph.D.

Workshop in Principles of Biomechanics (Lab) - Otto Garcia, MS

Advanced Relaxation Mapping with Rotating Frame Relaxation, in vivo - Olli Grohn, Ph.D.

MRI Assessment of Progressive Damage, Brain Plasticity and Functional Recovery After Brain Damage in Rat - Olli Grohn, Ph.D.

Research Ethics - Bob Hall, Ph.D.

Fraud and Misconduct in Science - Michael Jeziorski, Ph.D.

Week Two Lectures (August 17-22)

Principles of Immunocytochemistry - Gloria Hoffman, Ph.D.

Non-Radioactive in situ Hybridization - Gloria Hoffman, Ph.D.

How to Prepare for a Postdoctoral Interview - Yasmin Macotela, Ph.D.

Neuronal Track Tracers - Marisela Morales, Ph.D.

Applications of Confocal and Multiphoton Microscopy - Juan Riesgo, Ph.D.

Principles of Two-Photon Microscopy - James Schummers, Ph.D.

New Insights Into the Specificity of Neuron-Astrocyte Interactions - James Schummers, Ph.D.

Cranial Window Preparation (Lab) - James Schummers, Ph.D.

Tissue Optical Clearing Methods (CLARITY) to Visualize Molecular Phenotype in the Intact Tissue - Fatuel Tecuapetla, Ph.D.

Week Three Lectures (August 24-29)

Data and Knowledge Integration Accross Multiple Levels of the Mammalian Central Nervous System - Mihail Bota, Ph.D.

Tutorial: Structural Determinants of Sensory-Evoked Responses - Robert Egger

Optogenetic Activation of Nucleus Accumbens’ Axon Fibers Transiently Stops Consumption of Sucrose - Ranier Gutierrez, Ph.D.

Writing a Scientific Paper - Michael Jeziorski, Ph.D.

Brain Awareness Week - Teresa Morales, Ph.D.

Structural Determinants of Cortical Network Function - Marcel Oberlaender, Ph.D.

Towards a Brain-Wide Model of Sensory Perception in the Rodent Whisker System - Marcel Oberlaender, Ph.D.

Overview of Optogenetics - Gregory Quirk, Ph.D.

Genetically Encoded Calcium Indicators (GCaMP) - Fatuel Tecuapetla, Ph.D.

Visualization of Genomic Data - Alfredo Varela, Ph.D.

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