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Found 3 results

  1. Juan Gomez-Molina

    Chatting about SfN/2022-abstracts

    Have you presented an abstract about computational tools and methods for electrophysiological experiments or EEG? Are you interesting in teaching at universities in TX, FL or AL? We have presented 2 abstracts at SfN-2022 (088.02/XX6, and J-teaching) about chronobiology and symmetries of neuroelectric states. Please let me know if you have questions or comments or if you want to participate in this project. Juan F Gómez Molina PhD, International Group of Neuroscience Neuroengineering and Neurophilosophy
  2. My primary research has been focused on analyzing the neurochemical changes that regulate states of consciousness. For this, I use an untargeted metabolomics approach utilizing ultra performance liquid chromatography coupled with high resolution mass spectrometry (i.e. orbitrap). Additionally, I have used other analysis techniques (such as gas chromatography and nuclear magnetic resonance) for metabolomics, and proteomics research. I wanted to provide an open forum for any neuronline member that may have general questions about metabolomics. These can be on how to interpret data, statistical approaches, experimental design, how the technology works, etc… Look forward to your questions! -The AlChemist
  3. Deborah Zelinsky

    Sleep and posture

    In July, I’m hosting a certification program for people to learn to assess interactions between eyes and ears. Currently, children entering kindergarten have their eyesight and hearing abilities tested individually. Yet, many of the children do not have sufficient stability in the linkage between the two sensory systems, and the lack of a stable linkage affects their academic, sports and social skills and performance. We are having guest speakers on how retinal circuitry affects the circadian rhythms and sleep quality, and how sleep quality affects energy levels and how energy levels affect posture and how posture affects eyeglass prescriptions. My question is, do any of you notice linkages between posture and sleep problems?
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