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Total Sleep Deprivation Increases Brain Age Prediction Reversibly in Multi-site Samples of Young Healthy Adults


Bianca Williams
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Join this interactive session as Dr. Congying Chu and Dr. David Elmenhorst discuss their paper, “Total Sleep Deprivation Increases Brain Age Prediction Reversibly in Multi-site Samples of Young Healthy Adults”, with JNeurosci Editor-in-Chief Sabine Kastner. Attendees can submit questions at registration and live during the webinar.

Below is the significance statement of the paper published on March 22, 2023, in JNeurosci and authored by Congying Chu, Sebastian C. Holst, Eva-Maria Elmenhorst, Anna L. Foerges, Changhong Li, Denise Lange, Eva Hennecke, Diego M. Baur, Simone Beer, Felix Hoffstaedter, Gitte M. Knudsen, Daniel Aeschbach, Andreas Bauer, Hans-Peter Landolt, and David Elmenhorst.

Sleep is fundamental for humans to maintain normal physical and psychological functions. Experimental sleep deprivation is a variable-controlling approach to engaging the brain among different sleep conditions for investigating the responses of the brain to sleep loss. Here, we quantified the response of the brain to sleep deprivation by using the change of brain age predictable with brain morphologic features. In three independent datasets, we consistently found increased brain age after total sleep deprivation, which was associated with the change in sleep variables. Moreover, no significant change in brain age was found after partial sleep deprivation in another two datasets. Our study provides new evidence to explain the brainwide effect of sleep loss in an aging-like direction.

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