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[Virtual Conference] Power Dynamics in Training and Research Environments: Strategies for Success


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Andrew Chen

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Power Dynamics in Training and Research Environments: Strategies for Success

Organized by Marguerite Matthews, PhD and Elisabeth Van Bockstaele, PhD.

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Power dynamics take place in interactions where people have the ability to influence one another — and they exist in every workplace. It is important at all career stages to recognize factors that shape the uses and abuses of power in order to effectively navigate them for career success.

This virtual conference features science professionals in academic, private, and public sectors who will highlight the various aspects of power dynamics in research environments and provide thoughtful strategies that foster a positive work culture by promoting respect and professionalism.

Points of discussion will include:

  • Recognizing power dynamics and the impact of intersectionality.
  • Internal and external resources for accountability and compliance of appropriate workplace behavior.
  • Tools and resources to prevent or mitigate negative power dynamic occurrences.
  • Approaches to evaluate power dynamics and work culture for career advancement.

Registration for SfN members, including Institutional Program members, is complimentary.

Not an SfN member? Nonmembers can register for the virtual conference at the registration rate of $200. Join SfN or renew your membership to receive unrestricted access to this virtual conference and other SfN member benefits.

Receipt information is included in your registration confirmation email.

Contact us if you have questions. Email digitallearning@sfn.org or call (202) 962-4000.

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